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Another dimension to sensors

Almost everyday we hear of some breakthrough in digital technology that takes our breath away and leaves us salivating to get that technology now!  Samsung announced a new technology that holds great promise for how we capture images. Samsung, or rather Samsung’s Advanced Institute of Technology, has created what they claim is the first CMOS […]

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Pocket Wizard Plus III

Tech what day?  In being consistent in my inconsistency-here is this weeks tech post late again. When it comes to remote triggers for flash the Pocket Wizard will be top in the list to consider.  The Pocket Wizard leads the industry.  They have now released the Pocket Wizard Plus III.  If you are in the […]

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Nikon D800

For those of you that find you like shooting with the Nikon brand of camera-here is an update for the D800 for you to salivate over.  If you find that you have enough cheddar to buy one of these cameras feel free to donate some to me for my camera fund as well!!

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Lightroom 4 beta

This is the first edition of Tech Tuesday (Wednesday this time because I was riding my bike past midnight).  Good way to start right?  We will highlight various tech related to photography (computers, software, cameras, etc). In case you have been hidden in a bunker somewhere for the last few days you may be interested […]

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