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Pocket Wizard Plus III

Tech what day?  In being consistent in my inconsistency-here is this weeks tech post late again. When it comes to remote triggers for flash the Pocket Wizard will be top in the list to consider.  The Pocket Wizard leads the industry.  They have now released the Pocket Wizard Plus III.  If you are in the […]

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Learning Your Camera Part II-Program Mode

Learning Your Camera Part II The next setting to learn on your camera is the program option.  This will nearly be universal to the letter P.  Using your camera in Program mode is just another step to manual mode adulthood!  I still occasionally use the Program mode if I am in a situation where I […]

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Learning Your Camera part I-Auto Mode

Learning your camera Part I So you made the nice list this year, and Santa delivered you a brand spankin’ new digital single lens reflex (dSLR) camera. Or maybe you have had one for a while now, and you are still wondering what this camera can do to improve your photography. You have probably already […]

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Nikon D800

For those of you that find you like shooting with the Nikon brand of camera-here is an update for the D800 for you to salivate over.  If you find that you have enough cheddar to buy one of these cameras feel free to donate some to me for my camera fund as well!!

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Circular Polarizer and Water

Objective:  Remove glare from water in landscape shots.  Secondary objective:  Be careful not to take a bath in the ice cold water and definitely keep the expensive camera equipment out of the water. On a recent trip with Alex and another mutual friend Chris, for a work related seminar, we were fortunate enough to sneak […]

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