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Circular Polarizer and Water

Objective:  Remove glare from water in landscape shots.  Secondary objective:  Be careful not to take a bath in the ice cold water and definitely keep the expensive camera equipment out of the water.

On a recent trip with Alex and another mutual friend Chris, for a work related seminar, we were fortunate enough to sneak in some photography time.  We traveled through American Fork canyon, and even though it was just past peak for fall colors we were able to exercise the photo muscle.

I spent some time working through different compositions.  I was trying to compose something different than what Alex was looking at.  I was also trying to compose something without Alex and Chris in it.  This composition turned out to be an excellent example of what a circular polarizer filter can do for you in removing glare and reflection while capturing images with water.

After you have your composition, simply adjust the circular polarizer until your glare disappears.

Some drawbacks however; with a wide angle lens and a circular polarizer you may experience an uneven effect of the polarizer.  This may not be a big deal if you like the effect it gives.  You may also experience some vignetting.  Even with these minor setbacks, having a circular polarizer in your camera bag is a must.

Compare these two images: one with a circular polarizer and one without.

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